I know I’m not even a thought in the back of your mind right now, but you once told me I was. I once almost thought that I could love you, but now I find myself thinking of you less and less everyday since the day that you broke me. So I just want to let you know that if you ever start to miss me, if you ever feel like talking, if she ever leaves again and you feel like coming back


I just wanted to be happy with her. I wanted to feel her soft skin against mine every night. I wanted to cook for her and read with her and drink with her but you fucking piece of shit had to walk back in my life when i was perfectly fine and make me not okay again you sadistic fucking douchebag. I love her and i wasn’t crying over the thousands of nightmares about you that constantly assault me in my sleep because you destroyed my fucking soul and everything i am. I could breathe again without it feeling like an insult and i could laugh without it sounding like nails on a chalkboard because it’s forced. I was fucking happy without you and you just couldn’t take it. fuck you, you fucking fuck.

i was talking to my uncle today
and he said -
he had great loves
when he was my age,
but as great as they were
he doesn’t remember their names.

and my heart sunk
to the pit of my stomach,
because i imagined you,
years from now,
saying the same thing
to your kids,
trying to remember
what you called me.

m.v., athazagoraphobia (the fear of forgetting, or being forgotten). (via findingwordsforthoughts)

Long after you’ve forgotten someone’s voice, you can still remember the sound of their happiness or their sadness. You can feel it in your body.

 Anne Michaels (via teenager90s)